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  1. Not A Fan
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Not A Fan Lyrics

1st Verse:
I'm not a fan of a lot of cats rapping
talking bout drugs and the guns they be clapping
talking bout all of the chicks they be smashing
pull up to a mansion, whipping in an Aston
Martin, oh you a bad boy 2
You like to pop off at the club with your crew
Find you a chick that you all can run through
Then you kick her out, thats the life your about huh
So sad, But I'm so glad
That I know better than to glorify that
Acting like women are a thing to be had
Use'em up fast, discard them like trash
Perpetuate raps that are killing the children
So you can be famous and make you a million huh
So selfish, or really so evil
because you don't care what you feeding the people

No I'm not a fan
(Not a fan of the things you be saying)
No I'm not a fan
(Uhh Ughh, these rappers on the mic playing)
No I'm not a fan
(No, no you ain't got no substance)
No I'm not a fan
(These rappers on the mic talking bout nothing)

2nd Verse:
You're not a fan of the things that I'm rapping
You'd rather hear somebody talking bout trapping
Talking bout how he's a thug with a passion
Story time from a rapper that's acting
You don't want truth man you're stuck in the matrix
Take the red pill and put Chris in your play list
Open your eyes and I know you can see
That love and hip hop isn't reality
It's all nothing more than some messed up show
That's the life you wanna be about though
But we could be more though, we could do better
We could stop flexing but you're like whateva
You don't wanna stop cause it's like an addiction
You can't hear God so you don't feel conviction
So you run back to the same old rap
Trying to be like the dude stuck in the trap, come on

I used to repeat everything Jay say
I used to get hype for that old Kanye
Tupac and Big used to get much play
But that was B.C. Homie it's a new day