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  1. The Left Side
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The Left Side Lyrics

1st Verse:
Father was a war vet, Mother passed away
Tomorrow's not promised so I'm living for today
Planted in a place that is filled with decay and
We're pushing God out so we're withering away
Don't get me wrong I got love for my home
But I pray to Yahweh for some peace like shalom
I was the guy who was rotten to the bone
And if you're so perfect you can cast the first stone
Southern California man I rep the Empire
Your songs are so dry but we spitting wild fire
Golden State Warrior rocking Lakers attire
Respect to the Mamba cause he's ready to retire
From the Left side repping 909
Shout to Justword getting ready for shine and
San Bernardino healing from the attack
And this is how the Inland Empire strikes back

Only on the left side, On the left side, On the left side right
Only on the left side, On the left side, On the left side right
Only on the left side, On the left side, Put your west side high
Only on the left side, On the left side, Empire

2nd Verse:
The sunshine state where the palm tree's sway
Rock surf boards and ski boots all in the same day
Nevada Las Vegas just a short drive away
But watch out for the gangs if you trying to come stay
Don't get me wrong cause I know some cats crippin
Never scared cause I'm close to the Holy Son risen
Trying to bring change to the land is the mission
Instead of standing by watching dudes go to prison
Jump on the 10 now I'm stuck in mad traffic
85 degrees so I hardly need a jacket
Yo you gotta stay ready before somebody car jack it
Shout to Wontel for a beat that's so classic Yeahhh
And we just getting started, Pour a sip out for all my dearly departed
I know the pharisees are about to attack
But I guess I never did really care about that

3rd Verse:
Versatile with the Mic something like Scottie Pippen
Smash on opposition similar to Blake Griffin
Everybody back up for the man on the mission
Vision God given to deliver whats missing
Yeah man I said it, if you want it come and get it
Best in the west and the rest can forget it
Rep the I.E. like nobody ever did it
And if you want truth you should let your boy spit it