My Story

Chris Sandoe, is an artist and producer, born and raised in Southern California. His love for music first began during his Junior High School days. This love eventually led to his first performance at a rally held at his High School. Professionally, his career in the music industry has been going strong for 12 years now. He has produced music for artists such as Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound, Kokane, Coniyak of Doggy's Angels and many other established acts. His music has also been used on worldwide syndicated stations such as VH1, he has received radio airplay on FM stations Wild 96.1 and Q 104.7, and he also performed live on Juice TV, a program featured on the TBN Network. After going through a divorce in 2008, Chris Sandoe decided it was time for a change. During his hiatus from music, Sandoe decided to refocus his talents and gifts to God by beginning work in the Christian Music industry. He has performed at a large number of churches and local venues within Southern California. He has been able to impact young lives with a message of hope by sharing his music and testimony at a number of Juvenile Halls within the greater Los Angeles area. He has also worked with the notable artists Alex Faith, Dre Murray, Eshon Burgundy, Dream Junkies and many others. Sandoe has also worked with Producer Daniel Steele, who's credits include Andy Mineo and J Givens. As of now, Sandoe will have released 3 Christian projects; an EP called Homecoming, an album called Beautiful Battlefield, and his newest EP called The Left Side: So Cal Vibes. This EP will be released the 13th of September, this year! Today, Chris Sandoe is reaping the benefits of his hard work. He has been blessed with not only success, but also with finding love again and is now remarried with four beautiful children. Life hasn't always been easy for Sandoe, however, through it all he prevailed and with God's help turned heartache into victory.




1st Verse:

I'm not a fan of a lot of cats rapping

talking bout drugs and the guns they be clapping

talking bout all of the chicks they be smashing 

pull up to a mansion, whipping in an Aston

Martin, oh you a bad boy 2

You like to pop off at the club with your crew

Find you a chick that you all can run through

Then you kick her out, thats the life your about huh

So sad, But I'm so glad 

That I know better than to glorify that

Acting like women are a thing to be had

Use'em up fast, discard them like trash

Perpetuate raps that are killing the children 

So you can be famous and make you a million huh

So selfish, or really so evil 

because you don't care what you feeding the people



No I'm not a fan

(Not a fan of the things you be saying)

No I'm not a fan

(Uhh Ughh, these rappers on the mic playing)

No I'm not a fan

(No, no you ain't got no substance)

No I'm not a fan

(These rappers on the mic talking bout nothing)


2nd Verse:

You're not a fan of the things that I'm rapping

You'd rather hear somebody talking bout trapping

Talking bout how he's a thug with a passion

Story time from a rapper that's acting

You don't want truth man you're stuck in the matrix

Take the red pill and put Chris in your play list

Open your eyes and I know you can see

That love and hip hop isn't reality

It's all nothing more than some messed up show

That's the life you wanna be about though

But we could be more though, we could do better

We could stop flexing but you're like whateva

You don't wanna stop cause it's like an addiction

You can't hear God so you don't feel conviction

So you run back to the same old rap

Trying to be like the dude stuck in the trap, come on



I used to repeat everything Jay say

I used to get hype for that old Kanye

Tupac and Big used to get much play

But that was B.C. Homie it's a new day


1st Verse:

Summertime's here, Summertime's right here now

Mid way point half way through the year now

Let me slow down let me take it all in now

Move so fast and the time just passed

And I cannot recall what I just did last week

Running through life kinda, sorta like a track meet

Trying to ball out, ball out like an athlete

A wise man said I should learn my lesson

Savor the journey cause it's a blessing

So I let go of the things I'm stressing And...



Listen to the waves come crashing down

Listen to the waves their all around

You should slow down and listen to the sound

Listen to the waves before you drown

X 2


2nd Verse:

It's a new day, It's a brand new day now

People listen in trying to hear what I say now

God on my side tell me who should I fear now

Fear no man cause my Lord got a plan and

He gave me a purpose, I never been worthless

Naw, Never been one you should just go to sleep on

Til the world knows homeboy I'm gonna keep on

Share these vibes and I share my heart

Everything that I said here inside my art

Even if I came late I played my part



Sit back kick back listen out for the waves

Put the music in the air listen out for the waves

Water crash on the sand listen out for the waves

I could do it all day listen out for the waves

I could do it all day listen out for the waves

Water crash on the sand listen out for the waves

Put the music in the air listen out for the waves

Sit back kick back listen out for the waves


1st Verse:

Father was a war vet, Mother passed away

Tomorrow's not promised so I'm living for today

Planted in a place that is filled with decay and

We're pushing God out so we're withering away

Don't get me wrong I got love for my home

But I pray to Yahweh for some peace like shalom

I was the guy who was rotten to the bone 

And if you're so perfect you can cast the first stone

Southern California man I rep the Empire

Your songs are so dry but we spitting wild fire

Golden State Warrior rocking Lakers attire

Respect to the Mamba cause he's ready to retire

From the Left side repping 909

Shout to Justword getting ready for shine and

San Bernardino healing from the attack

And this is how the Inland Empire strikes back



Only on the left side, On the left side, On the left side right

Only on the left side, On the left side, On the left side right

Only on the left side, On the left side, Put your west side high

Only on the left side, On the left side, Empire


2nd Verse:

The sunshine state where the palm tree's sway

Rock surf boards and ski boots all in the same day

Nevada Las Vegas just a short drive away

But watch out for the gangs if you trying to come stay

Don't get me wrong cause I know some cats crippin

Never scared cause I'm close to the Holy Son risen

Trying to bring change to the land is the mission

Instead of standing by watching dudes go to prison

Jump on the 10 now I'm stuck in mad traffic

85 degrees so I hardly need a jacket

Yo you gotta stay ready before somebody car jack it

Shout to Wontel for a beat that's so classic Yeahhh

And we just getting started, Pour a sip out for all my dearly departed

I know the pharisees are about to attack

But I guess I never did really care about that


3rd Verse:

Versatile with the Mic something like Scottie Pippen

Smash on opposition similar to Blake Griffin

Everybody back up for the man on the mission

Vision God given to deliver whats missing

Yeah man I said it, if you want it come and get it

Best in the west and the rest can forget it

Rep the I.E. like nobody ever did it

And if you want truth you should let your boy spit it